Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nicholas Cage is broke

Nicholas Cage is broke, so goes the story.

Well, no, not quite: he's deep in the mire, this is true, but he's not broke by any reasonable standard. He's just sold a house outside Bath for £3.5 million (around $5 million) and another inside the city in England for another $5 million or so (both, in fact, highly desirable places, seriously good architecture). He's also unlaoded his Bavarian castle for a smaller sum.

What's really done to make Nicholas Cage broke is that his financial advisor hasn't been playing straight with him. He got into a serious of highly dubious investments and then lost a lot of money: and also wasn't keeping money back to pay for taxes. And it's Uncle Sam who is after him for north of $6 million as well.

But what will really keep Niocholas Cage from going broke is that he's still a highly bankable star. One more movie is, at his normal pay rates, all he would need to get back on an even keel: or two or three down and dirty quickies.

Don't we all wish we could rustle up that sort of dough in only a year or so's work?


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